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Sunderland fans will be full of optimism when the new season kicks-off at Leicester, but here's what can go right and wrong on the opening day.

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The failures of the past can be forgotten - if only for a little while - and a glorious blank canvas stretches into the distance. Sometimes the feelgood factor lasts weeks or months, and other times it vanishes long before the final whistle. Peter Reid had led the Black Cats to what was then the League One title, taking them back into the top flight after a six-year absence which had seen them miss out on the shiny new Premier League experience.

And this was the most recent time that Sunderland have faced the Foxes on the opening day - although that will change in August when the Black Cats kick-off their campaign at the King Power Stadium. It was new signing Stanislav Varga who was the man of the moment. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

Varga was injured in the very next game at Manchester City and, while he was solid enough in this and later in a second spell at the club, he never again hit the heights he did on his debut. Not all opening days are memorable for the right reasons. And not many managers survive losing their first ten games in charge. Mick McCarthy had taken over a sinking ship the previous season, with Sunderland already plummeting towards the Championship when he succeeded Howard Wilkinson. After being appointed in March, McCarthy lost all nine remaining Premier League games and then reached double figures with this defeat at the City Ground.

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McCarthy lost the next game at home to Millwall, too, which made it 11 straight defeats for him and 17 straight league defeats for the Black Cats stretching back to the previous January. Imagine being able to recapture that feeling of mystery and wonder, not only during the month of October but all year long! Creators and listeners of podcasts are determined to keep the tradition of storytelling alive and in my opinion, there is no other time of year when this sentiment rings most true. After all, the magic of telling spooky stories lies not only in the speculation of the unknown but in the act of storytelling itself.

Here are 13 horror podcasts to get you spooked this Halloween. I have rated each on a 5-ghost scale, 5 being the absolute best. Disclaimer: The horror genre tends to be graphic in nature and therefore may not be appropriate for all audiences. From the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale" comes a road trip across the pacific Northwest rife with strange encounters from unfriendly gas station attendants to supernatural menaces.

An unnamed truck driver travels across the U. What she finds instead are a handful of dangerous enemies trying to cover up a secret bigger than she or Alice could ever have imagined. Richard Strand.

This podcast blends suspenseful storytelling with real-world events, which makes the stories of the Black Tapes even more disturbing. Here is a collection of strange and downright frightening occurrences told from the perspective of their witnesses. Unlike the other podcasts on this list, Knifepoint Horror is a one-man operation. Aaron Innser or Soren Narnia on social media writes and produces this show himself, and the writing and narration is always first-rate.

I sometimes wish that episodes were produced more regularly— there are typically only three or so new episodes a year. But, I am willing to sacrifice quantity for quality here. This is the mystery of Limetown: the disappearance of over three hundred residents near a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. Told from the perspectives of reporters, scientists, and conspiracy theorists whose accounts may be confusing and contradictory but may add a piece to the puzzle.

First Year of Travel Around the World by Motorbike in 12 minutes

Currently there is only one complete season 6 episodes to this podcast but Season 2 is in the works, so now is the perfect opportunity to get listening. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, Lore is an exploration of the supernatural and bizarre throughout history. Since time immemorial mankind has used folklore to explain everything from epidemics to natural disasters.

Vampires, witches, and the Moth Man are just a few examples of the folklore explored by Mahnke every week. This podcast is a rare treat for me because it allows me to be terrified and educated at the same time! The stories of the Magnus Archives are presented as a series of audio recordings held as evidence in the archives of the Magnus Institute.

Head archivist Jonathan Sims records statements from various people regarding supernatural encounters, often dismissing them as lies or coincidence.

Nightmare Magazine started its own self-named podcast in Similar to Pseudopod, this podcast is comprised of scary short stories from a huge array of authors ranging from well-known to obscure. This was one of the first podcasts I discovered in search for my horror fix. Hosted by the incomparable David Cummings, the No Sleep podcast offers a huge array of short and scary tales. Be forewarned: the quality of content and voice acting varies drastically from episode to episode.

But, I have also listened to some pretty bad ones.

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Pseudopod is a weekly podcast which delivers short story horror from myriad authors, from horror heavyweights like Jeff Vandermeer and Jon Padgett to those lesser known. The great thing about Pseudopod is that they take their work seriously. While Pseudopod accepts story submissions regularly, their quality standards are extremely high. Whenever you listen, you are sure to get the best writing and voice acting that podcasts have to offer. For those of you looking for scary stories with a hint of nostalgia.

Now available! L'appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home

This podcast presents stories that are reminiscent of radio shows of the 40s and 50s. Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast which, much like its sister podcast the Black Tapes, blends real life people and events into its fiction.

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Evidence of its existence can be found across cultures and throughout human history. Accounts describe Tanis as a place, as a person, as a god, as a plague. Discovering the truth behind Tanis may be the last great mystery of the internet age. If you are looking for humor with hints of supernatural horror, this is the perfect podcast for you.

I just had to include the Wicked Library, for obvious reasons. Similar to the No Sleep podcast, the stories here are pretty hit and miss for me. A brilliant and truly unsettling tour de force of the supernatural, "Mister B. Gone" escorts the reader on an intimate and revelatory journey to uncover the shocking truth of the battle between Good and Evil.

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  2. The Flute Keepers Promise (The Flute Keeper Saga Book 4).
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  4. Jordan Peele’s Us Surprises, Delights, and Baffles at SXSW | Vanity Fair.

Nanashi was born into a life of violence.